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    I am Lesley and I have been photographing families and babies in the North Langley and Fort Langley area of BC for over 4 years now!
    I am a mother of two a wife to one and a Photog to many! lol
    I also have a crazy weird sense of humour.
    This area in under construction so please bear with me!

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All about the pool

This summer we have been having incredible heat waves here in the beautiful Fraser Valley of BC – our ‘average’ July temperature is suppose to be between 22-24 degrees, we have been baking in 30+ weather for a while now and it is getting old, FAST!  Now most of my east coast peeps send out a hearty laugh at our lack of testicular fortitude not only for our pathetic 2cm of snow winters when school is cancelled but also in our inability to handily the heat… If only you knew!!!!! NOTEL : Most if not ALL houses here in the Lower Mainland are NOT and i repeat NOT equipped with Air Conditioning! A house staple back home (east) but significantly lacking in the West Coast design!  Summer here is usually a well timed ballet of not leaving the house while you rotate the ‘through breeze’ and simultaneous open and close blinds in a specific order to keep the heat out buy the light in~ Having said all that, we learned our lesson early and have 3 window AC units strategically placed to keep us cool and sweat free!!! Bwahahahaha!

Long story shot, my kids love the pool! Here they are enjoying the sweet relief in Whistler…

Pool Fun


Staycation BC style

Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth has it’s advantages.  A short 2hr drive away is Whistler, the site of the 2010 winter Olympics and one of the premier ski/scenic areas of North America! Seriously, right on our doorstep!  The cliché of skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon really does hold true here, BC is quite the adventure!  This summer we are staying close to home and taking it easy as a family – so off to Whistler! 3 nights, 4 days, a gorgeous view, bear spotting, taking the lifts to sightsee, great food… need i go on?

This was the actual view from our condo!