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My Wes

Our Wes is now 7 1/2 years old, 7 and 1/2… What the heck, where did the time go? I know everyone says time flies but it really has, I no longer have this little guy hanging around my ankles, wanting to play thomas the tank. All of a sudden I have the little gentleman hanging around my armpit level (he’s quite tall) playing PS3 and wii and trying desperately to teach me computer strategy games. This guy is something else, a tender little heart, a tough exterior and an opinion that could crack the best politician! He is SO much like me it is a little frightening, we think alike, we talk alike and we argue alike.  Makes for some great Shabbir (husband/dad) interventions.

We actually thought we were great parents because of Wes, as a baby he was quite easy going and as he grew into toddler hood we had a few minor meltdowns as expected but nothing cataclysmic by any stretch of the imagination – if he didn’t listen or come when called we knew something was up (like he was sick or something).  He LOVES rules, give him a rule and he WILL follow and make you follow and any one else for that  matter (teachers dream)- he is confident in who he is – wore a Calgary Flames Jersey to school (in Vancouver) in case you don’t know they are fierce rivals – oddly Wes chose to follow the flames because his dad is a HUGE Vancouver Canucks fan and he wanted to cheers for their worst enemy and has grown into quite a fan… Anyhoo, wore the jersey to school, got the snot teased out of him (literally) in tears because of all the abuse but yet – wore it again the following week!!!

He LOVES Star wars – check out the calendar he has in his room, August is quite the picture.  Shabbir was thinking he may need it himself…

He has a Lego Star Wars room , themed with over 50 Lego Star Wars ‘things’, we actually had to take his closet doors off and put in a unit so he could display all of his ‘collection’.  No one is allowed to play with them but him and he has never torn any apart, playing with Lego is downstairs, this is his keeping stuff (see what I mean about rules).  It is quite a site, almost museum like.

Love that boy – he is energetic, polite and a pleasure to have around – we have our attitude issues and I’m not bragging or anything I’m sure God was evening the score when we got Kendra (teasing) but he really is a good kid.  I pray whole heartedly he stays that way – Teenagers have it hard theses days and I pray he continues to walk his own path and follow his own drum.


Favourite Colour:  He tells me its a hue not a colour = White

Nickname: Bugs or Bugsey

Favourite Pastime: He’s a gamer!

Well, that’s our amazing guy in a nutshell! Glad to have introduced him he’s worth meeting…

PS – dont forget to give me a buzz for all your photographic needs.


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