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What Should I Wear?

Families and Couples: You are all unique individuals and the best part is when you are together in a single image, you still blend as a family.  For your session, everyone should try to be in the same style – all dressy or all casual.  Try and stick with similar or complimentary colour tones and fabrics.  Moms should stand out, heels are always nice and will usually add a bit of height.  Kids should have a least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities, like a hat or a fun t-shirt under a jacket or funky shoes.  Remember this is your shoot and should reflect who you are, if your toddler is a tutu and gum boot wearing kind of kid, lets go with – we want them to feel comfortable and free to be who they are during the shoot!

Kids: I love to see bold colours and patterns like polka dots and stripes, but try to avoid logos and cartoon characters.  Think happy, fun and youthful!  Layers add interest and depth to an image, so pair up shorts and long sleeved shirts, add a jacket, put leggings under skirts and dresses etc.  Bring shoes, hats, tights, scarves and other accessories we may be able to incorporate.  For a simpler classic look, a white dress for girls and a white tee and jeans for boys.

Babies: Babies look adorable in just about anything.  A major part of the shoot is simply in their birthday suits but I also love to see anything from handmade dresses to baby gap.  Bring any sentimental item you wish to include in the shoot.

Maternity: Maternity clothing should be bold and fun.  A colourful dress, jeans with a a real waist unbuttoned, bare belly… Anything goes, be daring!


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